Anjali Raghbeer ‒ Barefoot Husain

Barefoot Husain

by Anjali Raghbeer

illustrated by Soumya Menon

May be appropriate for ages 6 ‒ 9(and up)

Publisher: Tulika

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The Book, in Brief

When M.F. Husain loses his shoes, he quite literally becomes Barefoot Husain and Jai offers to help find his footwear. In the process, he passes milestones in the artist’s life.

From the Publisher

In Barefoot Husain, the artist has lost his shoes. Jai offers to help him find them and the two take off on a crazy journey, zooming in and out of paintings, through milestones in M. F. Husain's life. What happens when the always barefoot Husain finally finds and wears his pair of shoes? The fun story takes off from some of the painter's famous works, including his distinctive horses, and ends with an interesting comment on his celebrated free spirit!