Alice Through the Looking-Glass

by Lewis Carroll

illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

May be appropriate for ages 6 ‒ 12(and up)

Publisher: Walker Books

First published in: 2005

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The Book, in Brief

A classic favourite of logic and lunacy. Walker Illustrated Classics are collectible editions that bring treasured stories to life with lavish full-color illustrations and elegant French flaps. "If you have been waiting to buy a great version of the story for your growing reader, this is the one to get." – Junior

Book Description

Continuing Alice's adventures, Alice Through the Looking Glass sees her walking into another bizarre realm where normality doesn't seem to exist.One snowy winter's afternoon, Alice climbs through the mirror above her drawing-room fireplace, into a back-to-front world where flowers talk, chess pieces walk and the faster you run, the more you end up in the same place. As she wanders through this strange land, Alice encounters a host of favourite childhood characters, each given new life by award-winning illustrator Helen Oxenbury.

From the Guardian

"Oxenbury... again brings the absurdities, eccentricities and spirited satire of Carroll's classic thrillingly to life."