Story Revolution

Story Revolution is a children's literature project. The project springs from the feeling that literature with depth, vitality and a timeless quality must be brought to children from the very beginning. We are excited about the possibility of reading, as any other activity, being driven by love and wonder instead of being drudgery, or converted into popcorn-like entertainment to be consumed.

Most of all, for us, this project comes from our own love for the words, illustrations and stories in these books and a desire to share them.

What we have right now is a specially curated selection of used and new books for young people of all ages. At the moment we have no physical bookstore: we sell these books online and sometimes hold book sales.

What we look for

We look for books written and illustrated with a sense of joy and passion, and with an understanding of the mind of the child. These books open children's minds, nurturing curiosity, empathy, compassion and an understanding of themselves and of the world. They are books a child can love over and over again.

We look for excellence in writing and illustration, and tend to pick books that have won international awards. These books are sometimes well-known classics, but are often practically unknown here in India.

We have looked carefully and critically at books by Indian publishers as well as publishers abroad. Our collection includes both, and we are always interested in finding books that are from unusual contexts but have universal relevance.

Adults usually enjoy these books as much as children.


Shalini is a communication designer based in Auroville at the moment.

Angela has been a teacher at a school in Bangalore for several years but is now wandering.

Story Revolution began when they set up the library at the small school in Bangalore they helped to found.


Aditya is the artist and illustrator behind most of Story Revolution's artwork.

Manasi holds book readings, sales and other related events in Chennai.

Priya, the latest addition to our team and a dear old friend, practically runs Story Revolution now. The books are housed by her in Chennai and she handles orders and the online store.

Rahul is a web developer. He worked day and night developing this website.