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Tony Ross ‒ I Want A Cat
Geeta Dharmarajan ‒ Days with Thathu
Jennifer Armstrong ‒ Steal freedom
Helen Oxenbury ‒ Tom and Pippo on the Beach
Jane Simmons ‒ Daisy Says Coo!
Shekar Dattatri ‒ Riddle of the Ridley
Martha Alexander ‒ I'll Protect You From the Jungle Beasts
Fred Gipson ‒ Old Yeller
Avi ‒ Prairie School I( Can Read Book 4)
Bonnie Worth ‒ A Great Day for Pup
Kevin Crossley Holland ‒ Outsiders
Dwight Holing ‒ The Secrets of Coral Reefs
Susan Cooper ‒ The Dark is Rising
Charles Johnson ‒ Middle Passage
Elizabeth George Speare ‒ The Sign of the Beaver
Kamini Khanduri ‒ The Great History Search
Dick King-Smith ‒ I Love Guinea Pigs
Beatrix Potter ‒ The Complete Adventures of Tom Kittens and his Friends
Jan Needle ‒ Moby-Dick
Natalie Babbitt ‒ Phoebe's Revolt