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A. A. Milne ‒ A Search Is Organdized
Louis Sachar ‒ Holes
Max Lucado ‒ Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift
Richmal Crompton ‒ Just William
Kim Lewis ‒ Just like Floss
Lynne Reid Banks ‒ The Secret of the Indian
Fred Gipson ‒ Old Yeller
Michael Bond ‒ Paddington
Ismat Chugtai ‒ Do Haath
Hilary McKay ‒ Dolphin Luck
Tony Ross ‒ I Want My Potty
Jane Leslie Conly ‒ Trout Summer
Beverly Cleary ‒ Ramona Quimby- Age 8
Emily Arnold McCully ‒ Little Kit or, The Industrious Flea Circus Girl
Brian Sibley ‒ The Land of Narnia
Allan Ahlberg ‒ Starting School
Virginia Euwer Wolff ‒ True Believer
Elizabeth George Speare ‒ The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Emma Helbrough ‒ Usborne Great Planet Earth Search
Beatrix Potter ‒ The Tale of Two Bad Mice